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Please note all the photographic images of these works are not at a high resolution. This is protection against illegal and unauthorised reproduction.

‘Table one with executive head chef John Williams, The Ritz, London.’

This painting is featured in The Ritz first cookery book, release date 6 September 2018.

Oil on Canvas.

65 x 50 Inches.


‘Cornish garden nude.’

Oil, egg tempera and volcanic glass on canvas

65 x 45 Inches


Newlyn Fish Auction

‘Newlyn Fish Auction.’
Oil on Canvas- 36 x 48 Inches

‘At the pass.’
Oil on Canvas- 80 x 50 Inches

‘Lights at the Pass, Duck and Waffle, London, with Dan Doherty’
Oil on Canvas- 30 x 40 Inches


‘Pasta, with Angela Hartnett’
Oil on Canvas- 40 x 40 Inches


‘Jeremy Lee at the Bar, Quo Vadis.’
Oil on Canvas- 40 x 60 Inches
‘Michael Johnson, Artisan Coppersmith, Newlyn.’
Oil on canvas- 60 x 48 Inches
£9500. SOLD