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Please note all the photographic images of these works are not at a high resolution. This is protection against illegal and unauthorised reproduction.

‘Table one with executive head chef John Williams, The Ritz, London.’

Oil on Canvas.

65 x 50 Inches.


‘Cornish garden nude.’

Oil, egg tempera and volcanic glass on canvas

65 x 45 Inches


Newlyn Fish Auction

‘Newlyn Fish Auction.’
Oil on Canvas- 36 x 48 Inches

‘Service with Galton Blackiston at Morston Hall.’
Oil on Canvas- 80 x 50 Inches
‘Lights at the Pass, Duck and Waffle, London, with Dan Doherty’
Oil on Canvas- 30 x 40 Inches


‘Pasta, with Angela Hartnett’
Oil on Canvas- 40 x 40 Inches

‘Jeremy Lee at the Bar, Quo Vadis.’
Oil on Canvas- 40 x 60 Inches
‘Michael Johnson, Artisan Coppersmith, Newlyn.’
Oil on canvas- 60 x 48 Inches