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At The Old Coastguard Hotel, Mousehole


There was much excitement in my village of Mousehole when Charles and Edmund Inkin took control of The Oldcoastguard, the brothers have a strong and successful philosophy with their ‘Eat, drink and Sleep’ portfolio-and I have long been a regular at the nearby Gurnards Head. After a hefty renovation the hotel and restaurant opened and was immediately a huge success, having such a place on your doorstep mean’t I I was often in there and as a result  became friends with Charles.

Charles is also a trained chef and was interested in my series and to cut a long story short persuaded me to put on a show of some of my paintings. I was initially concerned it was premature to show them as I still have a great many more to paint, however last month I hung 15 and had a party too, very kindly sponsored by Billetcart-salmon.

I was particularly delighted that Paul Ainsworth came with his wife Emma- jubilant with his recent Michelin star, and Peter Sanchez with his parents Paco and Susan and his wife Hannah. There were in fact many chefs at the opening- but the afore mentioned feature in the exhibition.